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FAQ and Helpful Info


What will Mile High Lending, LLC need from me to get my mortgage loan started?

For Everyone:
2 most recent bank statements for any checking or savings accounts (all pages)
Most recent investment statements, (all pages)

For W2’d folks:
2 most recent paystubs
2 most recent year W-2’s

For Self Employed folks:
2 most recent tax returns (all pages)

For Retired Folks
2 most recent years 1099’s
Recent income award letters

For Veterans
Form DD214

What are the Do’s and Don’ts that I should know when getting a new mortgage loan?

Do keep making all of your housing and debt payments on time.

Do let your loan specialist know if your current home has been listed for sale recently

Don’t make any change to your employment/work scheulde or income

Don’t make any large or unusual deposits or tranfers without speaking to your loan specialist first.

Don’t apply for any new debt

Don’t close any cuyrrent accounts

Don’t pay off any current debt

Don’t close or change banking accounts

Don’t have your credit pulled

When in doubt aks you loan specialist! We are here to help you through the process.

Helpful Worksheets and Booklets